Medical exam stools

Medical stools come in various styles and designs and form an indispensable part of hospital examination rooms. We have a range of task chairs, exam stools, treatment stools that are used by doctors and healthcare professionals for a wide range of procedures. Medical stools contain various features like seat, castors, built in handles for support, degree rotation and much more.

These stools are built to enhance maneuverability and comfort. They provide the patient to move around the room while being seated good for people with poor body strength due to illness. Transportation purposes stools with wheels. These stools are built with sturdy materials and are slip resistant. Rubber tips help in preventing slipping hazards. They can be extended up to a certain height. They come with high quality casters for all types of surfaces including flooring. Bariatric Stools: These stools come with a high weight capacity.

Medical Stools

They come with slip resistant tip to eliminate the risk of falls. Bariatric stools are made from sturdy materials and also come in foldable styles for convenient styles. Exam Stools: These are stools made of sturdy materials and come with wheels. They are mostly used in examination rooms for convenience to doctors and therapists.

They have a padded seat for added comfort. Revolving Stools: These stools turn degrees for examination purposes. And come with wheels and a sturdy frame. Storage Stools: These are special stools that come along with a storage space under the seat.

Exam Stools / Rolling Stools

Medical stools are often designed with legs mostly with casters or tips on each leg. Casters in these stools are designed in a variety of formats and designs to meet the specific needs for which the stool is intended. Some are even lockable for safety purposes while providing the desired maneuverability. The padded seats provide comfort to the person sitting on the chair. Currently Narrowed By. By Manufacturer. By Brand. Sammons Preston Sammons Preston 6. By Medical Stools Type. By Carts Type.

By Weight Capacity. By Price Range. Apply Cancel. Armedica Flexion Stool. Ideal Nestable Foot Stool. Hausmann Bariatric Footstool. BodyMed Basic Exam Stool. Armedica Adjustable Pneumatic Stool. Anatomy Supply Exam Stool. Everyway4all Round Stool Narrow Base. Medline Chrome Footstool with Rubber Mat.Complete details on these exam room stools are shown below.

Free shipping for 4 or more within the contiguous Choose from seamless Vacuum Formed vinyl upholstery available in two different colors or stitched vinyl which is available in a variety of colors. Discontinued Delivery: Approx. Freight is pre-paid and added to invoice. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Brewer Pneumatic Exam Room Stool:. Available in two seat ranges with a higher weight capacity. BioFit Exam Room Stool:. Biofit can match many other manufacturer's colors. Color Match with your Clinton Exam Tables. Your cost: DC'd. Ritter Air Lift Surgeon Stool:. Chair ergonomics information:.

medical exam stools

Note: SW Med-Source sells chairs from each of these manufacturers. Exam Room Stools. For maximum comfort and convenience! Comfortable 16" diameter, 4" thick polyfoam seat cushion. Available in 50 standard colors and also custom colors. Add letter "V" to stock number. Also available with CAL upholstery.You spend too much time in your stool to put up with discomfort.

Outdated rolling medical exam stools do more than make you uncomfortable —they can actually lead to health problems such as back and neck problems.

By taking care of yourself, you will find that it is easier to continue giving the excellent service you pride yourself in. Refine By. Perch Stella Medical Stools. Perch Ring Adjustable Stools. Perch Single Lever Swivel Stools. Perch Polyurethane Work Stools.

Perch Dental Stools with Procedure Arm. Perch Life Pneumatic Stools. Perch Polyurethane Industrial Stools. Perch Polyurethane Lab Work Stools. Perch Wood Pneumatic Stools. Retro Stools. Perch Gyroscope Fixed Footrest Stools. Contact Us. Email us. Perch stools are a popular choice due to the low prices, easy customization, and large warranties they offer on their stools.

Their ergonomic designs make the stools more comfortable and safer. When you buy Perch, you get the chance to choose the features that are most important to you and create your perfect stool. Let Us Help You No matter how large or small your order, we want to offer you our highest level of customer service. We welcome you to browse and shop exam and rolling medical stools on your own, but we have our customer care experts standing by, waiting to answer your questions.

Contact us through our live online chat, or by calling us at You may also contact us through email message by filling out the form found on our Contact Us page.The Brewer Value Plus Adjustable Exam Stool is an affordable, high quality medical stool designed to meet the needs of any clinic, hospital or laboratory. It features a round 15 inch seat with five-leg black ABS Plastic base and optional 9.

Pneumatic height adjustments range from 17" to The weight capacity of the Brewer Value Plus Series is pounds. Stools have a five-leg, 21 inch black ABS plastic composite base with black plastic dual-wheel nylon colors. The 4 inch poly-foam seat cushion is easy to clean and offers maximum comfort. All seating comes with a 5 year warranty.

Selection available at the top of the page. The product must be in brand new condition and in its original packaging. We take the responsibility to make sure this product arrives in brand new working condition. Should your item arrive damaged, we will take full responsibility and replace the product at no cost to you.

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For complete details of our return policy and process, please refer to our general return policy page. Cancellation : Custom or Upholstered product Orders cannot be canceled or modified after one 1 business day following order confirmation. At Tiger Medical, we have a full line of medical products to fulfill the needs of small and large clinics, hospitals, and outpatient facilities.

We have the wherewithal to supply medical facilities with everything from vital signs monitors to swabsticks. Read more.

medical exam stools

Medical Tables. Medical Filing. Blood Draw Chairs. Medical Lighting. Medical Carts. Emergency Oxygen. EKG Machines. Diagnostic Sets. Blood Pressure. Wall Systems. Spot Vital Signs Monitors. Pulse Oximetry. Cardiology Equipment Ultrasound Equipment Gynecology. Dermascopes Eye Examination Illuminators. Neurological Testing Stethoscopes. Cryosurgical Supplies. Exam Gloves. Exam Table Paper. Medical Apparel.

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Nothing can make a customer feel quite as appreciated than receiving a personal email from the business owner.I've already recommended Nordic Visitor to two friends. My husband and I will be using Nordic Visitor when we return to Iceland in the future.

medical exam stools

I couldn't be more pleased with Nordic Visitor. On both my tours with you Iceland and Norway the service was absolutely perfect. I have been travelling for 31 yrs and I have to say the service provided by Nordic Visitor (through Sindre) was exemplary!. And they went beyond perfect in Norway when I came down with pneumonia. I have never had such good service from a tour company before ever. If not for the fact that I have been to all the other destinations on their list I would have no hesitation in booking with them again.

Your company is terrific. Everything was thought of and documentation was great. We loved Iceland We were very impressed with the whole trip.

The hotels were great. Travel documents all ready at the train station for us. Really enjoyed the trip and look forward to doing another one in the future.

I was just so impressed with everything. From the minute I made my first enquiry, till the point I was dropped off at the airport on my return, I felt that I was important to Nordic Visitor and nothing was too much trouble. Can I pay particular tribute to Karolina our tour guide. She is an absolute credit to your company.

She really went out of her way to ensure we all had a wonderful holiday. She was professional, diligent, so hardworking and we all fell in love with her. Everything about this trip was so easy and Thor did an amazing job at assisting with all aspects, adding and changing our schedule and providing us with all the information necessary for an amazing trip.

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The map with the highlighted routes and stops was a lifesaver.

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